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How good is the Tipbet Bonus?

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100% betting bonus

€ 150 deposit € 300 betting!

The Tipbet bonus gives new customers 2 offers to choose from: thanks to a 200% bonus, the amount of your initial buy-in will be doubled by the provider and credited to your wagering account, thus tripling the amount you have available for your wagers. If, on the other hand, you opt for the 100% Tipbet bonus, they will add the same amount as your initial deposit to your wagering credit. Tipbet has been in business as an online betting provider since 2015 and has made a name for itself on the German-speaking market not least due to its intensive sponsoring of professional sports. That said, Tipbet is currently a partner of Fortuna Düsseldorf and Gzira FC United, while their past cooperation with Bayer Leverkusen also garnered them some positive attention. Prior to getting into the Internet business, Tipbet also operated a number of local betting shops, a number which has now grown to over 1000. In this way, you can enjoy all the convenience of online wagering through Tipbet as well as the benefits of being able to step into a neighborhood betting shop. By means of this particular attractive welcome offer, the bookmaker looks to win new customers over to the benefits of the services they offer. Below, we mainly focus on the 200% Tipbet bonus option, since this offers the biggest return on your initial buy-in. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of a free wager in the amount of €5 exclusively through Wettformat. Additional information as well as a detailed explanation of the bonus conditions can be found below.

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How to receive your Tipbet bonus

  • 1. Simply click on the link here on our webpage then register at Tipbet
  • 2. Select the welcome bonus offer you prefer
  • 3. Deposit an initial amount of €10 or more to your account
  • 4. Meet the wagering requirements in order to unlock your bonus

Explained simply: how does the Tipbet bonus work?

If you simply click on the button provided above, you will be taken quickly and securely to this betting provider’s website. Once there, you merely have to open a new customer account, select your preferred Tipbet bonus option and pay in a minimum amount of €10. Beyond that, there are a number of conditions which must be met before you can receive a payout of the bonus amount or any winnings which the bonus generated.

Amount of the wagering bonus in %

Depending on the option you choose, you will receive either a 200% or a 100% bonus. Buy-in caps for the Tipbet bonus are either €25 (for 200%) or €100 (for 100%).

Maximum possible bonus amount

Within the framework of the 200% Tipbet bonus, your first payment up to a maximum of €25 will be doubled, with this amount added to your own payment and credited to your wagering account. In the event you decide to deposit the maximum amount, you would have a total of €75 available for your wagers (€ 25 initial buy-in + € 50 bonus amount).

What conditions must I meet in order to receive the Tipbet bonus?

The Tipbet bonus offer requires you to meet a number of conditions before you can receive a payout of the bonus amount or any winnings it has generated. Below, we describe in detail the various factors including the minimum wagering requirement, time restrictions and applicability of the offer, so that you are able to take into consideration all aspects of the Tipbet offer in making the decision that works best for you.

Minimum buy-in
If you deposit €10 or more, you will qualify to participate in the Tipbet bonus offer. If you opt for the 200% bonus, this would mean that you would have at least €30 available to you in your wagering account.

Minimum wager
In order to meet the conditions of the 200% bonus offer, you would have to bet the sum of your initial buy-in plus the bonus amount on 12 wagers. The amount of your wagers may not exceed the amount of your initial payment, while system- and multiple bets are excluded from the Tipbet bonus offer.

Minimum odds
The total odds of your betting slip – regardless of the individual bets – must be 1.90 or higher. Wagers quoted at odds of less than 1.90 are excluded from the Tipbet bonus offer.

Time restrictions
During the course of our research on the Tipbet bonus offer, we were unable to determine any such restrictions. Which means, you have as much time as you want in order to meet their wagering conditions, a situation which we see as being nothing but positive.

Payment restrictions
With respect to depositing funds as well as receiving payouts, we did not find any restrictions stipulated in the Tipbet bonus offer either. In other words, you can use all of the payment services which are listed on the Tipbet website. This includes the following options for funds transfers: Skrill, paysafecard, Neteller, ecopayz, Sofortüberweisung along with various credit cards. However, we should point out that, in our experience, the payment services Skrill and Neteller are frequently excluded from bonus programs offered by other online betting providers.

Geographical restrictions
The Tipbet bonus offer is only available to customers from Germany, Austria, Sweden, Malta, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Fundamentally, the Tipbet bonus offer is available to all new customers, though the wagering conditions are different for tipsters from other countries: with respect to the 200% bonus, for example, the minimum required number of wagers rises from 12x to 18x.

What is our evaluation of the Tipbet bonus?

The Tipbet offer is attractive because of the high amount of the bonus, which is either 200% or 100%, depending on which you choose, intended to motivate new customers to register on the website of this still-young online betting provider and convince themselves of the quality of services offered there. After setting up an account, new customers can choose between 2 bonus types, each of which has different wagering conditions that must be met. We focused specifically on the 200% welcome bonus and took a close look at its wagering conditions. One particular highlight was the fact that there was no time requirement, giving you all the time in the world to consider the wagers you wish to make in order to meet the bonus conditions. In this way, they have managed to cushion the otherwise rather difficult conditions which must be met in order to receive a payout of the 200% Tipbet bonus: at minimum odds of 1.90, the sum of your initial buy-in + bonus amount must be wagered 12 times which, in our opinion, is a considerable sum of money. However, the generous time restrictions counterbalance this to a degree, which is why I feel we can recommend this offer to tipsters who wish to give careful consideration to their wagers and take as much time as needed. Additionally, here at Wettformat we also offer a free €5 bet at Tipbet, which you can request exclusively via our webpage by clicking on the link provided above and providing your email address as well as your username to Tipbet.