How to get the Interwetten bonus?

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€ 100 Bonus + € 10 Freebet

100% up to € 100, + € 10 Freebet, Bonuscode: VipBonus

With the Interwetten bonus offer, this acclaimed bookmaker, successfully active on the market for over 20 years, has come up with something very special for its new customers: This sports-wagering bonus gives new customers a welcome bonus of 100% up to an amount of €100. That’s not all: if you register for a new wagering account with Interwetten through our webpage, you will receive an additional Interwetten bonus in the form of a wagering credit in the amount of €10. For this, we will send you a bonus code by email. In total, then, this sports-wagering bonus will guarantee you a free bonus credit in the amount of €110. What makes the Interwetten bonus unique is that it can be unlocked in five easy steps, after each of which you will be credited an amount equivalent to 1/5 of your initial buy-in, while you are free to decide how many of these steps you wish to take. All other bonus details and wagering conditions as well as information pertinent to receiving the exclusive free wager are explained to you below.

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Betting bonus details Interwetten

Betting bonus details Interwetten"
Bonus details
100% up to € 100 + € 10 Freebet
on your first deposit
Bonuscode: VipBonus
All details
  • Percentage: 100%
  • Maximum bonus amount: € 100
  • Freebet amount: € 10
  • Valid after sign up: 10 days
  • Minimum turnover: 5 times
  • Minimum odd: 1.70
  • System bets are not accepted
  • turnover period: 14 days
  • Only valid in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein
  • Bonuscode for € 10 Freebet: VipBonus
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Voucher information Interwetten

Voucher information Interwetten"
Voucher details
€ 10 no deposit bonus
only for sign up
All details
  • Valid in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland only
  • Minimum Tunrover: 3 times
  • Minimum odd: 1.70
  • turnover period: 90 days
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How to receive your Interwetten bonus

  • 1. Open a new wagering account with Interwetten – ideally, by using the button we have provided above
  • 2. Within 10 days of registering successfully, you must deposit at least €10 to your account. In order to receive the maximum possible Interwetten bonus amount of €100, you would need to deposit €100.
  • 3. When you make your first payment, enter the bonus code which we have sent to you by email – at that point, the free wager is available to you at any time
  • 4. Unlock the maximum bonus amount in five steps. In total, you will have to wager the amount of your initial buy-in 5 times. After every step, an amount equivalent to 1/5 of your initial buy-in will be transferred to your wagering account as a bonus credit.

Explained simply: how does the Interwetten bonus work?

The Interwetten Bonus is unique in its own way. At first sight, this sports-wagering bonus for new customers might seem a little more complicated than it actually is. In order to avoid any lack of clarity, we wish to explain the Interwetten bonus to you with the help of a very simple example. In order to take advantage of the welcome bonus offered by Interwetten, you must first open a new wagering account. If you do so via Bettingformat, you will also be rewarded with an additional €10 free wager. In order to receive this, we will email you a bonus code. Your first deposit into your newly opened wagering account must be made within 10 days of registration. Within this time period you will be eligible for a bonus in the amount of 100% until you have reached the maximum bonus amount of €100. In other words, you do not have to pay in the entire €100 at once, you could for example take a different approach (e.g. 50 – 20 – 15 – 15). However, the minimum amount is €10 if you wish to take advantage of the Interwetten bonus. Important: the bonus does not appear in your wagering account immediately after the transfer, instead you must unlock the bonus amount in 5 predefined steps. After each step, you will receive an amount equivalent to 1/5 of your initial payment as a bonus credit. Were you to receive the maximum amount, this would be 5 x € 20. In total, you will have to wager the amount of your initial buy-in 5 times to receive the full Interwetten bonus. At each step, you would need to wager €100 in order to receive the €20 bonus in each case. Required minimum odds are 1.70, with system wagers excluded from the Sportwetten bonus offer. Bear in mind: you must meet the bonus conditions within a period of 14 days. Once this deadline has been reached, all bonuses which have not yet been earned will be forfeited. Bonus amounts which have been unlocked to that point, after completing each stage, would be unaffected, of course. The Interwetten bonus can be unlocked by means of several wagering products. Aside from sports wagers, your wagers in the Casino, Live-Casino, Games and scratch-off games also count towards meeting the requirements.

Amount of the wagering bonus in %

The Interwetten Bonus gives you an initial buy-in bonus in the amount of 100%. This means that all deposits that you make within the first 10 days subsequent to registration are doubled. However, the bonus amount does not immediately appear as a credit on your wagering account. As described above, this must first be unlocked in 5 steps. After each step, 1/5 of the amount of your initial buy-in will be credited to your account as a bonus.

Maximum possible bonus amount

This Interwetten offer promises you a maximum bonus amount of €100. Together with the exclusive free wager in the amount of €10, the total value of the Interwetten offer is therefore €110. You must deposit at least €100 to your new wagering account within the first 10 days in order to receive the maximum possible bonus amount.

Bonus Conditions: what do you need to know about the Interwetten bonus?

Naturally, the Interwetten bonus, just like all other sports-wagering bonuses for new customers, is subject to certain bonus conditions that must be met. You will receive your free wagering bonus if you meet the following criteria:

Minimum buy-in
The minimum buy-in to qualify for the Interwetten bonus is €10. In this case, this particular sports wagering bonus would require you to bet €10 in each of the five steps in order to receive €2 after each. Of course, during the first 10 days you can also deposit amounts that exceed the total value of €100 – however, the bonus amount you would receive from Interwetten would still be capped at €100.

Minimum wager
In total, you will have to wager the amount of your first deposit 5 times in order to unlock the full Interwetten bonus. For example, if you decide to deposit €50 to your account to begin with, you will have to place wagers in the amount of €250 (5 x € 50) so as to be credited the bonus amount of € 50 ( 5 x € 10).

Minimum odds
The Interwetten bonus requires very fair minimum odds of 1.70. Since combo wagers can also be used in meeting your wagering quota, these odds do not represent a major obstacle at all.

Time restrictions
You should bear in mind 2 deadlines with respect to the Interwetten bonus offer. Firstly, you must make your first deposit to your newly opened account within 10 days in order to take advantage of this sports-wagering bonus. All transfers that you make within this time frame are relevant to the bonus you receive. Important: if you request a payout within the first 10 days, no bonus will be granted for any subsequent deposits. The second and even more important deadline: in total, you have 14 days to wager the amount of your original buy-in 5 times. The bonus steps you have already completed prior to this deadline cannot be taken away from you.

Wagering restrictions
The Interwetten bonus is subject to minor restrictions with respect to the types of wagers, restrictions you should be aware of. System wagers as well as wagers in the category “Skill” are expressly excluded from this bonus offer. Furthermore, this bonus is invalidated if two or more wagers are placed on different outcomes of the same event or even on the same result.

Geographical restrictions
The Interwetten bonus offer for new customers as well as the exclusive free wager are available to residents of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For those conditions which apply to other countries, we recommend taking a look at Interwetten’s own terms of business.

Our evaluation of the Interwetten bonus: what were the key factors?

The Interwetten bonus for new customers has numerous advantages. Firstly, we should mention the wagering bonus in the amount of 100%. The fact that your initial buy-in is doubled up to an amount of €100 should be emphasized. The additional free wager in the amount of €10 is also noteworthy. What makes this particular aspect of the Interwetten deal so unbeatable is the fact that you will also receive a payout of the wagering amount and not merely the winnings. The actual wagering conditions of this bonus offer are likewise very fair: the minimum odds of 1.70 are very respectable, while the 5-time wager of your initial deposit is realistic. On the other hand, the rather short time frame of 14 days in order to unlock the entire bonus amount is less appealing. However, since various forms of betting in addition to sports wagers are accepted, it is definitely possible to successfully complete all five steps. In conclusion, we believe that Interwetten is offering one of the top new-customer bonuses and therefore give it 5 out of 5 stars possible.