1xbet Bonus 100% up to € 130 + 300 bonus points EXCLUSIVE!

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€ 130 Bonus + € 300 bonus points

100% up to € 130 + 300 bonus points! Minimum odds ONLY 1.40! No betting tax! VOUCHER CODE: 1x_23859

In this article, we wish to take a closer look at the current 1xbet bonus as well as all of the bonus conditions. This betting provider’s products are well known especially because of their outstanding odds, clearly setting it apart from the majority of other sports-betting providers. Aside from its outstanding payback percentage, this bookmaker also includes a very appealing welcome bonus in its program. 1xbet awards its new customers a sensational 100% bonus up to a total amount of €130. In addition to the classic bonus itself, you can also secure yourself an extra €30. VOUCHER CODE: 1x_23859. Additionally, you receive € 300 bonus points as well. The 1xbet bonus is essentially a classic buy-in offer: The value of your first deposit determines the amount of the bonus! This high-quality bonus offer doubles your first payment up to a total amount of €130. Of course, this now brings us to the bonus conditions. The 1xbet bonus requires a 1x turnover at incredible minimum odds of just 1.40 per tip within combo bets. However, only combo bets (5-line combos or more) qualify towards the bonus conditions. We discuss all of the other bonus details with you below!

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Betting bonus details 1xbet

Betting bonus details 1xbet"
Bonus details
100% bis zu €130
on 1st deposit
Bonuscode: 1x_23859
All details
  • Maximum Bonus Amount: € 130
  • Minimum turnover: 5x
  • Minimum Odd: 1.40
  • Bonuscode: 1x_539
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Simply explained: how does the 1xbet bonus work?

The hard facts of the 1xbet bonus impress new customers enormously: this welcome bonus is a classic buy-in offer. Users may look forward to a 100% betting bonus up to an amount of € 130 (instead of the usual € 100) – two amazingly high numbers. You can secure the exclusive betting credit of € 30 WITH THE VOUCHER CODE 1x_23859. The bookmaker doubles your first deposit into the newly opened 1xbet betting account with this bonus offer – you are able to earn a betting credit in the amount of up to € 260, as long as your first deposit reaches at least € 130. In addition to the bonus, you receive 300 bonus points. Now let´s discuss the bonus conditions that have to met in order to receive the bonus credit: the bonus amount has to be converted 1x – that´s € 130, if you choose the highest possible bonus amount! Only combo bets with 5 or more lines qualify for the bonus. The odds have to be 1.40 or higher with at least 5 of the lines within the combined bet. After your registration, you have 30 days to meet the bonus conditions.

What do you have to consider with the 1xbet bonus cash-out?

TAKE NOTE: the 1xbet bonus has to be unlocked before it can be paid out. The betting credit is divided into a “real money account” and a “bonus money account”. Only those bets that are placed with the bonus money qualify towards the meeting of the bonus conditions. When all turnover conditions are met, the bonus money is transferred to your “real money account”. Remember: the sum can NEVER be higher than the bonus amount (= amount of the first deposit). That means that you won´t receive any profits you made with bets you placed with the bonus money. The profit can´t be higher than € 130. The goal is merely to “unlock” the bonus amount. Additionally cash out is not allowed if the remaining amount is less than the bonus amount!

Amount of the betting bonus in %

The 1xbet bonus impresses with an high-quality betting bonus of a 100% - the amount of your first deposit is doubled. If you choose a bonus amount of €50, the deposit must be as high as that sum. In total, your betting account would be filled with €100 in this case.

Maximum possible 1xbet bonus amount

A deposit of €130 is necessary to be able to receive the maximum possible bonus amount of the 1xbet welcome bonus. In this case, the betting credit would be doubled to €260 promptly – an impressive amount. Usually, the bookmaker grants a maximum bonus amount of €100 – with the help of the exclusive bonus you can easily make another € 30. VOUCHER CODE: 1x_23859 – and you just have to make the first deposit!

1xbet bonus

How to receive your 1xbet bonus

1. At first, open a new betting account with 1xbet
2. To be able to receive this exclusive bonus a VOUCHER CODE is necessary: 1x_23859 - complete the registration and make the first deposit – the bonus is credited automatically.
3. Secondly, you have to make a deposit of at least € 10 to make use of the bonus
4. After the bonus amount is credited, the bonus conditions have to be met in full within 30 days. Only then is payout possible (although some points have to be considered - as explained above)

Bonus conditions: what do you need to know about the 1xbet bonus?

There are certain bonus conditions to be considered before cash out is possible. These criteria are a bit more complicated than it seems at first glance. We advise you to read the bonus conditions and the paragraph above (“What do you have to consider with the 1xbet bonus cash out?”) carefully, so there are no nasty surprises when it comes to converting the bonus money into real money. In the following we wish to take a closer look at all details of the bonus for new customers.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit for the 1xbet welcome bonus is € 10. If you choose this amount, your betting credit will amount to € 20.

Minimum turnover

The 1xbet bonus credit requires a 1x turnover before it can be converted into real money. If you want the maximum bonus amount of € 130, you have to place sporting bets totalling € 130. Remember: only bets with the bonus money qualify for the fulfillment of the bonus conditions.

Minimum odds

The minimum odds of the 1xbet bonus are fairly low – 1.40. But here, as well, you must not forget the details: only combined bets, made up of 5 or more lines, qualify towards the bonus conditions: this means that the minimum odds are for the tip, not for the whole betting ticket! In total, at least 5 lines within the combo bet must show the minimum odds of 1.40. As an example, we use a 7-line combo bet: 5 lines must show the minimum odds of 1.40 or higher, 2 lines can come below this value.

Time restrictions

All in all, you have 30 days from the time of the registration – NOT from the time when the bonus amount is credited – to unlock the bonus amount and to fulfill all of the bonus conditions. If you don´t succeed within this time limit, you won´t receive the bonus money.

Limitations of bet types

As mentioned above, individual bets don´t qualify towards the fulfillment of the bonus conditions. Only combo bets with 5 lines or more can be used.

Payment restrictions

In the conditions of participation, 1xbet mentions no limitations concerning the options of payment. From experience, however, we advise you to avoid payment with Skrill or Neteller with your first deposit, if possible. Afterwards, these options of payment can be recommended without limitations, of course.

Geographical restrictions

The exclusive 1xbet bonus offer is available for all new customers whose main residence is in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Our evaluation of the 1xbet bonus: how does it come about?

In comparison to other bonus offers, the exclusive 1xbet bonus shows advantages as well as some disadvantages. At first, we´ll discuss the positive aspects: an asset is, of course, the fact, that the amount of the first deposit of new customers is doubled – we are dealing with a premium betting bonus of 100%, after all. Another outstanding feature is naturally the very high maximum bonus amount: € 130 are not commonplace at all – it´s a really generous betting credit. Now let´s talk about the aspects that are in need of improvement in our point of view: first of all, the limitation to combo bets must be mentioned: the minimum odds of 1.40 are very low at first glance, but as you have to place at least a 5-line combined bet, the minimum odds are actually as high as 5.38. The fulfillment of the bonus conditions is much riskier, therefore. On the other hand, new customers only get the chance to "unlock" the bonus amount and cannot make any additional profit with the bonus money. After the fulfillment of the turnover conditions, only the bonus amount can be converted into real money – all profits are annulled. Only bets with the bonus money qualify towards the fulfillment of the 1xbet bonus conditions. If the sum of the “real money account” is lower than the sum of the “bonus money account” after the 30-day limit, the bookmaker denies cash-out. New customers must decide for themselves if advantages or disadvantages predominate with this lucrative bonus offer.