UEFA Europa League

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Past betting tips

UEFA Europa League

14.03.2019 21:00 (CET)
Slavia Prague Logo Slavia Prague
Sevilla Logo FC Sevilla
2 : 2

UEFA Europa League

14.03.2019 21:00 (CET)
Benfica Lissabon Logo Benfica Lissabon
Dynamo Zagreb Logo Dinamo Zagreb
1 : 0

UEFA Europa League

14.03.2019 21:00 (CET)
Villarreal Logo FC Villarreal
FC Zenit Saint Petersburg FC Zenit Saint Petersburg
2 : 1

UEFA Europa League

14.03.2019 21:00 (CET)
Arsenal Logo FC Arsenal
Stade Rennes Logo FC Stade Rennes
3 : 0

UEFA Europa League

14.03.2019 21:00 (CET)
Inter Mailand Logo Inter Mailand
Frankfurt Logo Eintracht Frankfurt
0 : 1

UEFA Europa League

14.03.2019 18:55 (CET)
Kuban Krasnodar Logo FC Kuban Krasnodar
Valencia Logo FC Valencia
1 : 1

UEFA Europa League Betting Tips

Uefa Europa League Logo

The second most important Soccer League in international football is the UEFA Europa League. Our betting team creates the best Europa League tips for you after extensive research and analysis for this cup competition. We don’t leave out a single match. From the beginning, starting with the first game of the qualifying round we provide you the best betting tips for the Europa League. Because teams like Benefica Lisbon, Juventus, Sevilla FC and Valencia FC raises the pulse of each and every football and sports betting fan. In this League, the best teams of the top international leagues meet to fight for the great European Cup. With wettFORM.AT you won’t miss another match and tips are always accurate because our betting experts have years of betting experience. In addition, we publish every Europa League tip to the betting providers with the highest odds on the market.

What can you expect from Europa League?

The UEFA Europa League is one of the most popular UEFA Cup competitions. It was played first in the year 1972/72 and since then the formerly known UEFA Cup is being conducted. Apart from the UEFA Champions League the Europa League is one of the most favorite betting leagues in international football. Betting tips on this league can be particularly exciting, since their is a good international mix of competitors. So there are always great betting opportunities for Europa League, especially in the group phase of the competition.

Which teams can take part in Europa League?

All teams that finish forth or fifth at the end of the season in their respective leagues may participate in Europa League. In total a maximum of three teams, that are ranked behind Champions League participants gain a Europa League starting spot. Additionally all teams of UEFA federations which won the cup title in their country may participate in Europa League. In addition there are some country specific participation criteria.

How does the mode of play work in Europa League?

UEFA Europa League is divided into 5 rounds. The qualification round kicks off the competition and we already provide you with betting tips for every single qualification game. In total there are three qualification rounds, which are being followed by the so-called play-offs. In the play-offs the winners of the third qualification round play against the 14 losers of the third UEFA Champions League qualification round and against those teams that qualified directly for this particular round. The play-offs are followed by the group stage, where the pairings are drawn. Four teams fight for first and second place in their respective groups in order to go on to the knock-out stage.

How does the knock-out stage of Europa League work?

The knock-out stage include the round of top 32, the round of top 16, the quarterfinals and the semifinals. The two winners of the semifinals then fight for the title in the final. There one team will leave the field as the winner for sure. In the case that there is no decision in regular time and after overtime, the game will be decided by a penalty shoot-out. We also provide very current tips for the upcoming matches during the knock-out stage until the last duel in the final. We usually publish our tips a couple of days before the respective matches kick off.

Which are the best teams in the history of Europa League?

Among the best teams in history are Juventus Turin, Inter Milan or FC Liverpool. There is also one German team in the mix. Borussia Monchengladbach won two titles. The English club Tottenham Hotspur ranks fifth behind Gladbach with two titles as well. So in total the Italians are the most successful, followed by Spain and England.

Which players have been and are the best in Europa League history?

Regarding the number of games played Giuseppe Gergomi needs to be mentioned first. He is leading the statistic with 96 games played. Frank Rost played 90 games and Walter Zenga 69. In the list of scorers Henrik Larsson is ranked number one. He was able to score 31 goals. Number two is Radamel Falcao with 30 scored goals. The German Dieter Müller is third with 29 goals.

Which betting opportunities offers the Europe League for tipping fans?

UEFA Europe League is the second biggest competition on the European stage. Only UEFA Champions League is even more popular. Champions League isn't called kings' class for nothing. The "small brother" Europa League should still be of interest for your betting portfolio. Participating in this competition is of enormous financial importance for many clubs. Apart from the financial benefits the Euro League is very prestigious and has a very good reputation. The competition can be a stage for many, many players to hand in a recommendation for bigger clubs. A big number of players from all over Europe have been transferred to better clubs after good Europa League performances. Since teams from all 54 UEFA member countries may participate in the qualification rounds, a very big number of players has the opportunity to catch attention. An additional appeal for all teams that don't think that this tournament is important, is the fact that the winner of Europa League is automatically qualified for next year's Champions League since the 2015/2016 season. In the past especially English teams didn't take the competition very seriously. The stadiums were half-empty and the starting-eleven were not the top eleven players of the respective teams by far. Since a Champions League starting spot is at stake, this changed tremendously. This also is an important fact for all betting fans. A couple of years ago you could bet on the opponent of English clubs in this competition, even though they were the underdogs. The English teams often played half-assed in games and as a result got eliminated in qualification by underdogs. A good example is Rapid Vienna, that was able to eliminate the English representative Aston Villa twice. If you bet on Rapid to go on back then, it would have paid off for sure. SK Rapid Vienna earned the nickname "Villa Killer" back then. If  a team qualifies for the tournament, the UEFA still checks whether the club is economically able to take part in the competition and whether the infrastructure of the respective clubs is suitable. There is a licensing system and it can happen that a club gets excluded from the competition in the course of it.

Who are the favorites for the Europa League title?

The strongest teams of UEFA Europa League often come from countries that dominate the Champions League. The winner in 2016/2017 was Manchester United. In the years before, namely in 2014,2015 and 2016 FC Sevilla was able to lift the trophy. The last winner that didn't come from Spain or England, was FC Porto in 2011. This statistic clearly states that Europe's top leagues also dominate the second most important cup on the European stage. The German clubs weren't able to play an important role in the last couple of years in this competition. The last German Europa League winner was FC Schalke 04 in 1997. One year earlier FC Bayern Munich lifted the trophy. There is always at least one German team that makes it to the knock-out stage, but they haven't been able to win it all lately. This means for betting fans that they should rather bet on teams from Spain and England in this competition.

Can you place team special bets in Europa League?

Most betting providers already offer a big number of special bets in the qualification for the tournament, which can also be regarding to certain teams. In the first qualification round in particular it can happen that two teams face each other that need to be assessed very differently. There are matches with one clear favorite. In these games you could for example place a bet on a "zero victory" by the favorite, which would get you higher odds. At bets like these bookies will for example raise the clear question: Will SK Sturm Graz win against Podgorica without receiving a goal? Then there are certain odds for both possibilities, namely "yes" or "no". If you are sure, that the loser won't score a goal in a certain duel you should place that bet. The odds for it are usually higher than if you just bet on a normal victory. Such duels are also possible in the group stage of the competition of course. The groups are built from teams from all over Europe. As a consequence it's possible that an English team has an opponent from Albania in its group. Therefore special bets are often suited better for international club competitions than for most national leagues.

Sould you bet on surprises in Europa League?

Even though the winner of Europe League is guaranteed a Champions League starting spot, it often happens that big favorites underestimate underdogs. Despite often hearing in pre-game press conferences that they respect the opponent and that they won't underestimate them, coaches often don't send their top eleven players on the field. And often the players seem not very motivated in games like these. This is a great chance for all Europa League tipping fans. You should always study the favorite's starting eleven at David versus Goliath duels. If you see that the best players of the team are being rested, you can risk to put money on the underdog. In Europa League in particular it happens times and again that underdogs can surprise in games against favorites. The chances for it get smaller in the last rounds of the group stage and in the knock-out stage of course. Our tip therefore: Always check the starting eleven of the favorites before knock-out games and place a bet on the underdog when appropriate. If the starting eleven isn't known before a game, you can always check out live bets.

Should you risk combination bets in Europa League?

As mentioned economically and in sporting regard very different teams often face each other in the group stage. Therefore there are a lot of favorite matches. Bookies usually don't offer good odds on a favorite win. An opportunity for everybody, you likes to bet on favorites, is to combine the games of the favorites. If you include three to six games on your betting slip and you only bet on the favorites you can also raise the odds. When two teams play against each other that are almost equal, the odds are usually pretty good. Often customers get odds higher than 2,00 at duels of two equal teams. You can also add such games to your slip in combination with other matches. For example if you bet two games on the favorite and two games of equal opponents, you automatically get high odds. So it's often enough to bet €10 in order to make good profit in the case of winning your bet. The diversity of participants makes the Europe League especially interesting for betting fans.

Can tips on the favorite be recommended for UEFA Europa League?

If you want to bet on the favorite in a duel, you get corresponding low odds. In order to raise profit there is the possibility of adapting the stakes. If you bet €100 for example on the favorite of a game and the supposedly stronger team has odds of 1,20, you will receive profits of €20. The higher the stakes, the higher are profits of course. As mentioned earlier there is also the possibility of combining favorite tips in order to raise odds. You should still be careful, when betting on the favorites, especially in qualification or group stage. We already explained the reasons for that (personnel, seriousness, etc.). One example from 2017: Galatasaray Istanbul played against big underdog Östersund. The clear favorite from Turkey lost their away game 2:0 and only drew 1:1 at home. So all friends of underdog bets were able to win a lot in that case.

Should you place bets on half time or end results in Europa League?

Bookies usually offer very good odds for so-called half time/end result bets. If you believe that a team will already lead at half time and then win the game, you should place that bet. This is a good option for home games of favorites in order to raise odds. Another possibility is the case of betting on a team leading at half time, but then losing in the end. It's rather unlikely that this happens, but still not impossible. In cases like these odds often reach numbers of 20,00 or higher. So this bet is luring for everybody who is brave and wants to win a lot of money.

What can be said in summary about betting on Europa League?

There are numerous possibilities of making your evening in front of the TV watching Europa League more exciting through placing a bet. In the case of this competition we recommend to dare a few underdog tips, only after thorough research of course. Handicap bets can also be interesting and raise odds in the case of a clear Europa League match. The general rule is that information is trump. Without decent research regarding the respective teams' current form profits are rather unlikely. In conclusion we therefore recommend once more to always take a look at our betting tips for the current Europa League game day.