Betting tips today, Tuesday the 19.02.2019

Latest betting tips and experts analysis for today. Betting tips for the sports: Soccer, Ice Hockey

Soccer Betting tips with analysis

English Football League Championship

19.02.2019 20:45 (CET)
Queens Park Rangers Logo Queens Park Rangers
West Bromwich Albion Logo West Bromwich Albion
over 2.5 goals

UEFA Champions League

19.02.2019 21:00 (CET)
Liverpool Logo FC Liverpool
Bayern Logo FC Bayern Munich
under 2.5 goals

UEFA Champions League

19.02.2019 21:00 (CET)
Olympique Lyon Logo FC Lyon
FC Barcelona Logo FC Barcelona
Tip 2

Ice Hockey Betting tips with analysis

DEL 1st National League

19.02.2019 19:30 (CET)
Tip 2

Past tips

Primeira League

18.02.2019 21:15 (CET)
CD Aves Logo CD Aves
Benfica Lissabon Logo Benfica Lissabon
0 : 3

FA Cup

18.02.2019 20:30 (CET)
Chelsea Logo FC Chelsea
Manchester United Logo Manchester United
double chance tip X/2

1st German Bundesliga

18.02.2019 20:30 (CET)
FC Nürnberg Logo 1. FC Nürnberg
BVB Logo Borussia Dortmund
under 2.5 goals

Serie A

18.02.2019 20:30 (CET)
AS Roma Logo AS Roma
Bologna FC Logo FC Bologna
2 : 1

Turkey Süper Lig

18.02.2019 18:00 (CET)
Medicana Sivasspor Logo Antalyaspor
Medipol Basaksehir Logo Istanbul Başakşehir FK
0 : 1

Primeira League

17.02.2019 21:00 (CET)
Sporting Lissabon Logo Sporting Lissabon
Sporting Braga Logo SC Braga
3 : 0

Betting Tips Today

Our category Betting Tips Today features all current tips of the day. Our betting experts research tips for the football Bundesliga, Primera Division, Premier League, as well as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League and many more football leagues on a daily basis. Next to the betting tip for each fixture you will find the bookmaker with the best odds. This helps you to make the most of your bets from today tips. The best betting odds including the bookie are automatically adjusted in real-time. You are well prepared with our unique tipping system and you’ll never miss a tip again. In the betting tips today section you can also find the most recent statistics of the duelling teams, as well as current results. When we have free bets for you, you will also find them on this site.


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betting tips tomorrow

Here you can find all betting tips for the next day. Compactly analyzed and everything at one glance!

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BETTING TIPS TODAY - the best bets of the day!

Do you want to bet on the top soccer matches in the best leagues and look for compact analyses and on the point forecasts? Then we recommend our new tip section "betting tips today". We have made it our mission to simplify betting for all betting enthusiasts and deliver up-to-date predictions for matches. Betting Tips Today combines all current events from a variety of sports and makes it the most up-to-date betting tip site. It will also show all matches and soccer tips of the day. Thus you know at a glance what is available for betting today. We are also soccer enthusiasts and therefore most tips are soccer tips. We still try to find a good mix for you and analyze additional sports like tennis and co. Just keep visiting our site, since we will be adding new sports and leagues constantly.

That's how you find the best betting tips for today

Below we listed a couple of strategies for filtering the best football tips of the day. When you follow our recommendations, you will surely find a couple of good bets each day that are worth playing. It's important to pay attention to the details. Take the time to analyze all information that you can get, since this is the only way to bet successfully.

The Surebet - a safe win

A surebet is a bet, that you can't lose. It's important to place 3 betting tips (most of the time) with 2, usually 3 different bookies at least. Since not everything is always rated correctly there either, combinations occur, that make a profit, when you place a bet on Tip1, TipX and Tip2, no matter the result. If there is a surebet in our betting tips for today, it will be marked with a green line in the odds comparison.

An example for a Surebet with stakes of 100 £

Betting odds 1 Tipp 1: 1.97 – Stakes 52.42 £ - Profit: 103.27 £
Betting odds 2 Tipp X: 4.45 – Stakes 24.88 £ - Profit: 110.72 £
Betting odds 3 Tipp 2: 4.55 – Stakes 22.70 £ - Profit: 103.29 £
This makes a guaranteed minimum profit of 3.27 £.

The Combination Bet - our recommendation

There are different football betting tip strategies with combination bets. There is one betting strategy to combine very low betting odds, but to keep the number high, in order to make good profit due to the multiplication of odds. Regarding football combination bets we rather recommend to choose a variation that will occur with high probability. Let's take the example of Borussia Dortmund versus FC Augsburg. The odds for BVB may be 1.50 and so is a pretty safe bet. As second combination bet you best choose a tip with respectable odds, but where the result is also pretty realistic like the match FC Schalke 04 against Hannover 96 for example. You can find such tips here in our betting tips today section. The odds for Schalke may be 1.85 and therefore still likely, but not as safe as the first tip. The combination of These two football betting tips makes odds of 2.78 which is significantly more attractive than a single bet on FC Schalke.

Football live bets for today

Whoever likes to bet on football, when the match is already underway, is placing so-called live bets. This alternative is particularly popular with experienced bettors. You don't only need a good foundation of expertise, but also a certain feeling for the right moment. We recommend to look for a match, before it kicks off, that is a valuebet. We are not able to present such bets in our tips today yet, but we try to provide live betting tips as well. A value bet is a bet, that is rated too high considering the probability of occurence. The difficulty is to rate the probability oneself. With such odds we recommend to consult all available statistics that you can find for the respective match. You get a valuebet, when the formula gives a number higher than 1.

That's how it works

With a valuebet we believe that the probability was rated incorrectly.

betting odds * probability / 100 = VALUE

If this formula yields a number higher than 1, we have a valuebet. Given the odds for a win of Tip 1 are 2.50 and we rate the probability of occurence of Tip 1 with 55% and we put these numbers in the formula we get 2.50*55/100=1.375 and therefore a valuebet.

Football tipping on late goals

This strategy yields at getting good odds for a bet on a goal being scored in the last minutes of a match. For such a tip it's important to choose a match with a clear underdog. When this is the case, it often happens that the underdog receives one or more goals towards the end of the match. An example could be the duel of FC Bayern Munich and SC Freiburg. You best take a look at the statistics of the last matches and the total received goals of the Underdog. Given we are at the end of the first half of the season and Bayern faces Freiburg. Bayern has a goal statistic of 38:2 and SC Freiburg one of 11:25. In this case we can recommend a bet on a late goal and you will find those also in our section "betting tips today". Just remember the las EURO or World Cup, when many goals we scored in the last minutes or even in added time. Such betting tips usually have pretty high odds.

That's how you best bet a draw

The alternative draw is so popular, because usually the odds are very attractive. A classic strategy is to consequently bet on a draw until it happens. Of course you always need to keep an eye on the odds. The idea behind this alternative is to double the stakes until the draw becomes reality. Given you start with stakes of 5 £ on a draw of 1. FSV Mainz 05. You best choose the team with the most draws in the ranking. This is just a strategy and no recommendation, since you can also get rid of your stakes very fast.

Here an example

Bet No. 1 on TipX / odds 3.50 stakes £ 5
Bet No. 2 on TipX / odds 3.25 stakes £ 10
Bet No. 3 on TipX / odds 3.55 stakes £ 20
Bet No. 4 on TipX / odds 3.50 stakes £ 40 = £ 140 - stakes (5+10+20-40) = £ 65 net profit

Offer of the day

In addition to our betting tips today we also recommend the bookie of the day and the best offer of the day. It is presented at the top of the tipping site including the current bonus Information. Of course we also recommend to always place the respective betting tip with the highest odds, but there is always one bookie with the best total packacge and we recommend this bookmaker as the bookie of the day. With the respective top betting tip offer of the day the total package is as mentioned good. Starting with the betting portfolio to the odds or customer service. You can find further information about the respective product in our bookmaker section, where we provide detailed analyses of the respective provider.

You want to see a certain football league in our betting tips today?

Then send us an E-Mail or contact us via our contact form. Our Team will respond within 24 hours. If our betting experts also believe that the desired league may provide good betting tips, then we will research new tips for the next match day and publish These on bettingformat in the forecasts today. It's important that you comsider, whether the bookmakers have your desired league in their portfolio, so that we can compare the odds for you.

Football leagues

Our betting experts try to vary among football leagues as well as possible. You won't only see the top leagues, but at times also leagues of lower classes or countries that are not as present in the media. But especially such leagues can be exciting for betting friends, becasue the strength of the teams varies a lot, which can lead to interesting betting opportunities. Additionally you can find many insider tips of the day, because our tipping experts often grasp some good hints. In the football sector we now cover 22 different football leagues that we provide betting tips for. We try to constantly expand our tipping portfolio and to provide more and more details. We also try to expand our offer with other sports. In the course of next year we plan to add at least 2-3 new sports in order to be able to provide more alternatives. When you have proposals for improvement, we are happy about any kind of feedback. We always try to directly implement proposals of our betting friends that visit our site daily.

Bettingformat team - Our tippers

Our team consists of a vast number of sports betting pros. Some of us have year-long experience and were able to gain insider knowledge with different sports betting companies. In the course of the years we developed a strong know-how in the sports betting sector and therefore we can provide the best football tips. Some of us are also still active sportsmen that want to share their experience and knowledge with as many betting friends as possible. We are all absolute sports betting enthusiasts and this is the decisive factor of success, because if you enjoy doing something, you make it well too. But check it out yourself and follow our betting tips and analyses for the current football matches. That way you also can become a pro and will place better and better tips with time.

Football betting tips - the best strategies

When it comes to football bets the selection is sheer limitless. Therefore it's not so easy anymore to place the correct tip. Starting with main bets, like Tip1, TipX and Tip2, to the popular over/under bets, or detail bets and live bets that we will discuss in more detail below.