Betting tip World Cup 2018: Germany - Sweden

Saturday, 23.06.2018 at 20:00 o’clock (CET)

Germany under pressure in game against Sweden

After the opening defeat against Mexico, the current world champion could be already eliminated on Matchday 2 in Group F, if they lose against Sweden. The Swedes, however, lead the group after a 1-0 victory over South Korea and are allowed to dream of reaching the round of last 16. If the DFB team shows a similar face as the one against Mexico, there may be one or another chance for the Swedish team in this game. However, we assume that Joachim Löw and his team will draw the right conclusions from the game against Mexico and will show a completely different face. Kick-off is on Saturday, 23.06.2018 at 20:00 (CET), in the Fischt Stadium in Sochi.


  • higher quality in the squad
  • can wear down opponents with fast combination play
  • Substitutes Marco Reus and Julian Brandt with strong performances against Mexico


  • won their first game of the World Cup
  • opponent under pressure

Current Form Germany

Germany’s loss against Mexico was the first really big surprise of the World Cup 2018: Not so much the result itself, but rather the way in which the team presented of Joachim Loew presented itself, does not make a defense of the title by "Die Mannschaft" seem very likely. Already in the test matches against Austria and Saudi Arabia before the start of the 2018 World Cup revealed weaknesses of the DFB-squad, that continued in the exact same or similar form during the first group match against Mexico: With a static and easily predictable playing style, the German national team did not act at all like a favorite in the World Cup. Germany’s customary ball possession and combination game did not really develop to the fullest extent, since there was too little movement in all parts of the DFB squad. In this way, the performance of the reigning World Champion sometimes even looked a bit uninspired, which was also due to the perfectly organized Mexican team. Recognising the importance of the central midfield for Germany’s style of play, the Mexicans took Toni Kroos out of the game by covering the Real Madrid midfielder with 1 or 2 personal guards. Even the dreaded passes of Mats Hummels were denied by Mexico’s effective tactics, as Hummels was always aimed by 1-2 Mexicans at a brisk pace. Therefore, Hummels simply did not have much time for his steep passes. The balance between Germany‘s team parts was lost more and more throughout the game: In possession of the ball, the DFB had to cope with blatant gaps between Hummels/Boateng and the rest of the team. In this way, the tactic of Mexico could develop its full effect, as they switched quickly and consistently into counter attacks at ball losses of the DFB team. Only because of the negligent chance exploitation of Mexico and a strong Manuel Neuer, the defeat did not turn out any clearer. In our forecast, we expect the Swedish team to analyze this game closely and derive corresponding measures from it, but on the other hand, the DFB-team will definitely show a completely different performance in its next game. As a betting tip, we recommend a placement on victory Germany - despite the weak performance against Mexico. By the way, Joachim Löw would be well advised to put Julian Brandt and Marco Reus in the starting squad, as the dynamics of these two players made the game of the DFB team much more vivid and agile.

Current Form Sweden

After a tedious, but ultimately not unmerited victory over South Korea, the table in Group F is led by Sweden. On Matchday 2 of the World Cup, the Swedes are up to face current world champion Germany, which revealed significant weaknesses in its first game against Mexico. Therefore, the team of Janne Andersson may calculate some chances for this encounter, but the Swedes have also to turn on a few screws themselves after their first game against South Korea. Especially in the offensive, the Swedish team presented itself a bit runny and unfocused – resulting in missed passes and sloppy counterattacks. If the Swedes were able to create chances, they had to fight with a poor efficiency in front of the goal. It is therefore symptomatic that the Swedish team needed a penalty to take the lead in this game. According to our forecast, there will only be a few offensive opportunities in the game against Germany. But also on the defensive, the team of Janne Andersson showed more than just one uncertainty: Especially against quick combinations and rallies of the team from South Korea the defensive featuring Ludwig Augustinsson, Andreas Granquvist, Pontus Jansson and Mikael Lustig had its distress at the beginning of the match. For this reason, we excpect little chances in the duel with Germany, even more, if the DFB team should be able to regain its old qualities (fast passing and combination game). In any case, Joachim Löw will have closely watched the first quarter of Sweden's encounter with South Korea and will have his players circulate the ball fast. The fact that the German team is capable of this has already been impressively demonstrated in the past. In our prediction, we expect a fully motivated team from Germany, that wants to make amends for its poor performance in the first game. Our betting tip: Tip 1.

Forecast and Betting Tipp

The DFB team will put the defeat against Mexico aside and reflect on its old strengths. In our forecast, we assume that the higher individual quality in the squad of Germany alone will prevail and "Die Mannschaft" can celebrate the first victory at the 2018 World Cup. Especially if the German team manages to rebuild its fast combination game, we see little in our prediction that speaks for Sweden. Our Bet Tip therefore: Tip 1.

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