Betting tip World Cup 2018: Brazil - Costa Rica

Friday, 22.06.2018 at 14:00 o’clock (CET)

Brazil needs three points

Record world champion Brazil will play its second match in Group E this Friday. They head into the match as the favourite again of course. The opponent: Costa Rica. Both teams need to score after their results from the first match. As usual we provide all dates and fact regarding current form of both teams in our World Cup betting tips. The game will start at 2 p.m (CET) on June 22nd.


  • Better squad
  • Opponent struggles on offense
  • Won 9 of last 10 duels

Costa Rica

  • Pressur clearly is on opponent
  • Physically strong team

Current form Brazil

A lot has been expected from the Brazilian national team. Not few saw and still see THE top favourite for winning the title in the South Americans. The hopes for the trophy have been muted a bit after the 1:1 draw on game day one against Switzerland. The match started very well for the favourite though. They controlled their opponent, the first half clearly belonged to Brazil that went into the lead after a dream goal by Philipe Coutinho. Long shots will probably also be an effective method on the second group game day; after all Brazil has enough players in the midfield that are able to score goals from almost every position. It’s also a fact: Brazil failed to lock Switzerland up. Instead they received the equalizing goal shortly after the break after a corner. Coach Tite’s team then struggled against a robust, but not unfair playing style of Switzerland. Especially superstar Neymar wasn’t able to show his skills over 90 minutes, he basically was defended man to man by Valon Behrami. Costa Rica might also apply this method in order to keep the room around the PSG player as small as possible. Their opponent was always struggling, when Brazil was able to gain tempo and so create rooms that were then used with a great combination game. Striker Gabriel Jesus was a bit too static in this regard, he hasn’t been included enough by his teammates. Against the Central Americans he may very well be replaced by Liverpool striker Firmino. Personnel wise Brazil of course needs to be ranked way above Costa Rica. The question will be, how and how well they can cope with the pressure of having to win. On offense we particularly liked Brazil’s left side on Sunday. A big part of their attacks was forced via the left side. They also were dangerous in standard situations. Not fewer than 9 goal shots resulted from standards. Only 5 of a total of 21 shots at the goal found their way directly to Switzerland’s goal though. Therefore Brazil should still work on their accuracy. A glance at the Switzerland match reveals that the South Americans have advantages in the one on one game. Brazil had 15 successful dribblings. Especially in the second half they lacked the total will in the last third of the field though. Firmino may be able to help in this regard, so in our opinion he would be the better option, since he has better physical conditions than his teammate Gabriel Jesus.

Current form Costa Rica

Costa Rica wanted to start another fairy tale last Sunday, similar to the World Cup 2014. But it didn’t work out: In the end they suffered a 0:1 defeat against Serbia. Bitter: The only goal they received resulted from a direct free kick. In general Oscar Ramirez’s team was the weaker one over the whole match though, especially regarding the quality of shots at the goal. After 90 minutes Costa Rica only had three direct shots at the opponent’s goal, that’s just not enough. Additionally they need to thank goal keeper Keylor Navas, who saved his team from a worse loss with some great parades. He will probably have much work again on Friday. His teammates also struggled with high balls. At times Serbia was able to win 60 percent of air duels. In total Costa Rica was able to defend most flanks well though. The Ramirez-Eleven will rather struggle with quick players and a low passing game, because that’s how can beat a rather steady defence. Problem: Brazil is an opponent that follows exactly this playing style. Therefore we don’t see much hope for the underdog. Even though Costa Rica itself tried a lot, they lacked creative ideas on offense. Additionally we believe that the Central Americans‘ game is too one dimensional; after all they forced almost 50 percent of offensive attacks over the right side. So the opponent could easily adapt to Costa Rica’s game. In our opinion Costa Rica is generally too limited on offense. They depend on a few individual players. The result against Scotland (1:0 victory) and Tunisia (0:1 loss) show that Costa Rica hasn’t been very powerful on offense in the last couple of weeks and months. The upcoming opponent will be much stronger though. The duel with the secret favourite Belgium (1:4) shows that Costa Rica tends to lose badly against top teams. The direct duel with Brazil also doesn’t give much reason to hope. They lost 9 of the 10 last matches against the record champion and only won once. This win dates back to 1960, however. In the last 180 minutes against the „Selecao“ Costa Rica wasn’t even able to score a goal. In 2015 and 2011 they lost 0:1.

Forecast and Betting Tipps

This is a match with clear roles. We also believe that the favourite from Brazil won’t slip again. Instead they will try to make everything clear pretty early in the match. Therefore our betting tip is to place a half time bet: Tip 1, Half 1.

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